Nausea and vomiting is a common symptom for most women in early pregnancy. Your doctor might have offered you medications, but you are worried about safety and side-effects. Sadly, there aren’t many options for women that are all natural, but don’t lose hope, there is one, and it really does work!

The misery of morning sickness (which can last all day) is compounded by the fact that you may not want to tell anyone you are expecting yet, so that leaves you having to hide how miserable you are feeling from friends and co-workers. For some women the problem can get so severe that they can’t keep liquids down at all, this is a dangerous condition know as hyperemesis gravidarum or HG for short. 

If you are reading this you’ve probably tried all the other recommendations: eating frequent small meals, using wrist bands, keeping crackers by the bed, chewing on ginger candy or drinking mint tea. If you still aren’t getting relief, don’t despair, there is one natural remedy for morning sickness that actually works. 

That remedy is acupuncture. Acupuncture works so well because it recognizes that not all morning sickness is the same. Some women really respond to ginger, while some cannot stand the taste. Some women crave heavy greasy food, while other women can only eat crackers. According to the principles of acupuncture these differences would be considered part of the pattern of morning sickness. Once you determine which pattern you fall under, the treatment is easy, because we simply correct the pattern.

Acupuncture is a perfectly safe, drug free way to treat nausea. You may have been told that acupuncture can be risky in pregnancy, but that is simply not true. If your acupuncturist is properly trained in working with pregnancy, there is nothing to worry about. I have over 10 years experience working with pregnancy and fertility patients.

How it works: 

When new patients come see me I ask them all kinds of questions about their symptoms: do they crave certain foods, do they have a persistent taste in their mouth? Are they feeling chilly all the time, or hot and sweaty? Do they prefer spicy foods, or bland foods? All of these questions help me determine their unique pattern, once we know that, we insert tiny sterile needles just under the skin to help correct the pattern. I also look for danger signs of dehydration and refer them to their OB or midwife for IV fluids if needed. 

Most of my patents leave their first session feeling great and ready for a full meal. The effects can last from a few days to a full week. When we first start working together, I ask my patients to come in twice weekly so that we can establish a new pattern for the body. As the treatment takes effect, they usually don’t need to come in as frequently. 

Scared of needles? We can work with that too, I have needles so tiny that I’ve used them on infants with NO TEARS, so I’m confident you too can have a comfortable, relaxing treatment. 

Added side-effects from treatment also include more energy, better sleep and fewer mood swings. 

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