Five element acupuncture is uniquely suited as a treatment for trauma because it is fundamentally about helping you access your essential self. A common experience in trauma survivors is that they feel cut off from who they are. Something about the traumatic event (or events) left them feeling fractured. Five Element Acupuncture is about repairing that fracture, be it separation from your body, your spirit or your sense of self. 
I bring 10 years of experience guiding patients with trauma to a better state of peace with themselves. In all my work, but especially in trauma work, I bring the utmost care and attention to the process. 
Things my trauma patients have found helpful about Five Element Acupuncture: 
  • It is a slow process, we only move as fast as you can safely integrate. 
  • It is a conscious process, we work intentionally with each point making sure it is the right step for you to be taking.
  • We don’t need to re-live or re-experience the trauma to shift it, although we certainly can talk about it if we need to. 
  • I’m attuned to your needs, whether that be to have company, or to be left alone with your experience. 
Patients report feeling like themselves again after our work is completed.
What to expect: 
All healing is a journey, trauma is no different. I tell my patients to expect this work to take time. It will take us a minimum of 5 weekly sessions just to get started, sometimes 10 to makes some headway, and we may need to work together monthly for years. 

When I started seeing Allison, I was a wreck. My heart was totally broken. I was finally dealing with my childhood sexual abuse, and I was completely overwhelmed by the pain of it and crying all the time. Acupuncture had always been uncomfortable for me, and sometimes scary and painful, because being present in my body was so complicated. I am so thankful that I found her. I never once felt doubt or judgment or false sympathy from her, and I always felt safe and protected. She turned out to play a huge role in helping me figure out how to heal myself and learn to live in my body again.