I practice two different styles of acupuncture; 

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a modern, science-based system that is best suited to address physical pain, or health problems with a single cause such as pain, simple hormonal imbalances or digestive complaints. I use TCM to restore a healthy balance to injured tissues, relieve pain, and calm the nervous system.

Five element Acupuncture: Five element acupuncture is best suited for issues where the problem has a complex web of factors that contribute to it, an emotional root, or stems from trauma. In Five Element Acupuncture your body’s core resilience is activated so that you can heal from the inside out. I use Five Element style treatments for complex infertility issues, trauma healing, auto-immune disease and other pathologies that involve multiple body systems, or where other forms of treatment have failed. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know which style is right for you, at your first appointment we will determine the appropriate treatment plan! 

Core beliefs and values:

I believe that all bodies are capable of finding a healthy equilibrium.

I believe that addressing your emotions is the hidden root to health that often gets overlooked.

I believe that the simplest interventions are often the best and most effective I believe that all bodies are capable of healing.

My goals for you:

To find a place of peace and rest within your body.

To get a sense of when you are in and out of balance and have some tools for addressing that.

To befriend your body To feel vibrant and alive in your own skin.

The five elements of emotional health: The five elements or five phases are a Chinese system of classification that permeates many aspects of life and culture. They can be found in Chinese art, cooking, and the science of medicine. The five phases are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Together they represent the 4 seasons. Spring: wood, Summer: fire, Fall: metal, Winter: water and the transitions between seasons: earth. They also represent certain pathological emotions. Wood: anger, Fire: excitement, Earth: Pensiveness, Metal: grief, and Water: fear. In their truest form, emotions are much like the seasons or the weather, one state naturally flows into the next. Sometimes, however, we get stuck in certain emotions and hold on to them, or don’t know how to express them healthily. This starts to add a component of stress to our every days lives. If left long enough, that stress can eventually make us sick. The key to dealing with your feelings in a healthy way is not to avoid certain emotions, but to let them flow, and resolve.

Acupuncture can help you do this the same way it helps relive pain, by moving the functional energy in your body. Releasing emotional blockages and restoring a healthy balance.

What sessions are like:

At the beginning of our work together we will determine the most likely cause of your issue. If the issue is simple, we will move onto a physical exam and our first treatment. If the issue is more complex, we can sit talk for as long as it take to get to the root of your issues. My focus determine the root of why you are experiencing illness. I believe that there is always root cause to illness, and once we address that, we will see lasting change. During our talk I will be applying the diagnostic principles of Five Element Acupuncture to help us discover your Elemental stumbling block. From that diagnosis we will do a series of Acupuncture sessions using anywhere from 2-10 sterile stainless steel needles inserted just below the services at specific points designed to address the root cause of your issues.

Sometimes we will leave the needles in while you rest for 15 to 20 minutes, other times we will only insert the needle for a second or two before removing it. Many people find acupuncture to be deeply restorative and restful. I have always loved listening to people, hearing their stories, and bearing witness to their process and sometimes their struggle. When I work with patients, I always try to be with them, exactly where they are at, even while holding the bigger picture of what is possible for them. 

I am so grateful I had the good sense to start seeing Allison last year. At first I had my doubts, like what is acupuncture really gonna do for me? But week by week, she has known exactly what to do to support me through difficult emotional work, creative blocks, and my journey towards healing and restoring myself. Its not even a whole year later, and my whole life has changed in so many ways. I am on a better career path, have better boundaries, and I have released much of the emotional baggage that has weighed me down for years. I credit the time spent with her in acupuncture as a critical fueling station on my journey towards a happier and healthier Me. Allison’s acupuncture is kind of like therapy-in that she lovingly listens to your situation whatever it might be, but instead of just talking about the problem, the acupuncture creates a change. I always leave feeling so grounded and grateful to have been able to work with her. Thanks Allison, you are a miracle worker!